Sharing cool science experiments with the general public is really magical!

Greens Mill and Science Centre is a superb local attraction located in Sneinton in Nottingham. My offer was warmly received and I have tried to put in several days each year during the school holidays. Entry is free and baking workshops (pizzas and cakes) are held using flour produced in the working windmill. These days have always been very enjoyable with a wide range of family groups including lots of grandparents! Recently one visitor told me how coming to the mill in her childhood had inspired her to take up science. She now works in California in a drug company!

The Erewash Museum is another charming local location. The museum occupies a historic site and particularly attractive is a courtyard space which has been brilliant for staging outdoor Star Gazing Evenings and Science Days in National Science and Engineering Week.

Carnivals such as Birchover in the Peak District and Howden in East Yorkshire draw large crowds and a science stall with fun demos for youngsters and their families makes a novel and enjoyable addition to such events

Play Days usually run by local councils are another good way of reaching the public with my science. These are extremely well organised days and very popular with families.

If you are organising any events such as the above, don't hesitate to get in touch. Charges are around £50 per half day appearance