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With lockdown, Cool Science activities have stopped and I am unsure when I will be able to resume as I am over 70!

Doing a couple of science lessons with my grandchildren to help their home schooling programme proved far more interesting than I expected! Below are some pictures and zoom clips to give you an idea of how the first two lessons went. As my daughter is in the process of moving back to Portugal, I am looking forward to some more family science on a regular basis in the near future.

It gave me the idea that even I might be able to 'work from home'. I am currently looking for more opportunities to pilot some online lessons so do get in touch on 07724 148613 if you are interested. I would offer all my usual topics and would be flexible on timing and number/age of children.

George (9): Space Lesson

This lesson was based on the solar system covering both the inner and outer planets and the importance of our sun.

George knew quite a bit about the planets but was responsive to probing questions as we discussed the concept of gas giants, gravity and the time taken to communicate instructions across space to a robot craft working on the planet Mars. Click here for zoom clip

James (5) Sound Lesson

We covered what sounds we liked and didn't like and listened to the sound of a tuning fork

Here James tries to enact the rapid movement of the prongs of a tuning fork. We went on to show these vibrations using a supended table-tennis ball. Click here for zoom clip